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Real Estate News

- "Property Brothers: Forever Home" stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have run into plenty of ugly and outdated design choices in their day. But on the latest episode of their show, they’re shocked when they meet a young couple who insist on a doozy: keeping plastic covers on some of their furniture! Um, why? Granted, homeowners Rina and Nilesh do have two young kids who tend to make messes left and right, so the plastic serves as some sort of damage control. But as a result of such odd measures (and other questionable design choices), their home has a distinctly unflattering look. It's up to the ... [Read More]

Source: realtor.com

- October’s 4.25% annual gain was biggest in nine months, Black Knight says Early September’s three-year low in mortgage rates caused home prices to heat up in October, according to Black Knight . U.S. home prices grew at an annual pace of 4.25% in October, the biggest year-over-year gain in nine months, compared with an increase of 3.9% in September, as cheaper financing gave people the ability to bid up home prices, the company said. Measured on a monthly basis, home prices rose 0.33%, which is almost six times the 5-year average for the month of October, Black Knight. It was the largest ... [Read More]

- A forecast from Realtor.com predicts that 2020 will be the first year millennials will originate more than 50 percent of all home purchase mortgages.  Millennials will become a majority of mortgage originators more because they're aging into home-owning age, and not necessarily because of any changes in their economic status. The report also predicts that nationwide home price growth will come in at less than 1% in 2020, and sale volume will decrease by 1.8% to 5.23 million sales.  Visit BI Prime for more stories. Whether it is caused by student loan debt, an average net worth that's ... [Read More]

- Top Ideabooks Top Ideabooks There are three main sink types in terms of installation: undermount, top mount and integrated. Here’s a rundown of the options. With no exposed rim to trap food, an undermount sink is a great option if you want something that’s easy to clean. It doesn’t take up space on the countertop, and it has a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. As this type of sink usually hangs below the countertop, you’ll need a surface that’s strong and water-resistant — if your countertop is laminate, it might not support the weight. It’s also important to hire a ... [Read More]

Source: houzz.com

- When your home is on the market, it needs to stand out from the crowd. And certain features like beautifully appointed open kitchens or impeccable hardwood floors are great at drawing eyeballs for listings. But what if you can't afford to renovate—even if certain things have fallen into a state of serious disrepair? Some sellers may choose to offer an allowance, or discount, on their home to entice buyers. In this situation, the seller would agree to take the financial hit on repairing anything that the buyer sees as an issue. The allowance would be written into the buyer's offer, and the ... [Read More]

Source: realtor.com

- With the average interest for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages below  4 percent again, millions more homeowners can save money by refinancing their loans. The recent drop in rates means that 6.8 million people can potentially save money by refinancing their existing home loans and securing a lower rate, according to a new report by Black Knigh t. The latest data is from September, when rates spiked above 4 percent. They have since tracked down again, which means even more people are eligible to save with a refinance. The sharp drop in rates in 2019 has come as a surprise, as most experts were ... [Read More]

Source: bankrate.com

- Some home sellers may be leaving money on the table — the dining room table. Listings that tout their dining areas are priced significantly higher than the median home, according to a new analysis from real estate web site Zillow . What may be surprising to some home sellers and realtors: Emphasizing some kind of dining area made a much bigger difference than what kind of dining area it was, either a formal dining room or merely a seating area in an open-plan home. Across the country’s 35 largest metro areas, homes that boast of a formal dining room ask a median of $325,500, 23% more than ... [Read More]

Source: time.com

- A contingency can make or break your real estate sale, but what exactly is a contingent offer? "Contingency" may be one of those real estate terms that make you go, "Huh?" But don't sweat it. We've all been there, and we're here to help clear up the confusion. "A contingency in a deal means there's something the buyer has to do for the process to go forward, whether that's getting approved for a loan  or selling a property they own," explains  Jimmy Branham of the Keyes Company in Coral Springs, FL. If the buyer is having trouble getting a mortgage, or the property appraisal is too low, or ... [Read More]

Source: realtor.com

- When searching for houses for sale , there are many factors property buyers need to take into consideration. Property prices, rental rates, and local laws are all important when studying a real estate market. Another key feature, however, is whether the market is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market . What is a buyer’s market vs seller’s market? What is the status of the current housing market on this spectrum? And how can a real estate investor find a buyer’s market to invest in? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions! What Is a Buyer’s Market ? Generally described ... [Read More]

- Top Ideabooks Top Ideabooks Houzz is full of photos of beautiful bathrooms with gorgeously decorated walls — some decked out with wallpaper. It’s one thing to put wallpaper in a powder room that has no shower or tub, but how durable is this type of wall treatment in a more humid environment? That depends on the kind of wallpaper you use and where you place it. Here’s what to know. is water-resistant and can easily be wiped down, and it shouldn’t absorb water that could lead to mildew or mold problems. While most vinyl wallpaper is applied with adhesive, peel-and-stick vinyl paper can ... [Read More]

Source: houzz.com

- Top Ideabooks Top Ideabooks Top Ideabooks The existing kitchen consisted of one cramped room with dark carpet, a single-sink cabinet and a few upper cabinets. Popple took down this wall to open the space to the adjacent living room, seen through the doorway. On the other side of the room was a small closet and a walled-over brick fireplace, behind where the chair is in this photo. The doorway led to a small unused room. “There was so much work going on in this house that we had to keep a pretty tight budget,” Popple says. “Those doors really made it an affordable option that looks a ... [Read More]

Source: houzz.com

- Real estate investing continues to grow in today’s market despite rising interest rates and increasing home prices. In 2018, over 11% of home purchases were investment properties — the highest rate on record since 1999 and an increase over the last three years, according to real estate analytics company CoreLogic. Not surprisingly, the growth is attributed to new and smaller investors focusing on starter-homes and markets where they can command high rents.  Market conditions aside, the goal of real estate investment is to make a profit, and how you choose to finance a property plays a ... [Read More]