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Real Estate News

- Artificial grass lawn is just like a prosthetic for your back or . You will have everyone wondering if your grass is real, but who cares? You will be the one saving money and time, the one sitting back watching the kids play on the gorgeous lawn without a care in the world. The time has come when an artificial grass lawn makes a whole lot of sense. In these times of drought and the resultant water restrictions, conserving water has become a massive issue, causing clandestine spying between neighbors, fines from the authorities and a feeling of sadness as we watch our lawn die off from an ... [Read More]

- If you’ve finally decided to redo that outdated bathroom or kitchen, you’re not alone. A “room remodel” is the most popular home renovation project in America, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2019 State of Home Spending report. Of the nearly 1,500 homeowners polled in the recent survey, 39% of them said they remodeled a room in the past year — more than any other project, including more mundane undertakings like siding installation or replacing the roof. Granted, the broadly-titled room remodel category means different things to different people. Of the nearly 600 people who said they ... [Read More]

Source: time.com

- One of the most exciting phases of a bathroom remodel is picking out the perfect bathtub or shower. Choosing the right wet features for a bathroom warrants a hard look at all your options. After all, this is how you can turn a necessary room into a spalike retreat. But you probably already know that you have a lot of options to consider—and that it risks getting just a tad overwhelming in addition to figuring out your budget. That's why, in this latest installment of our " Dream Bathroom Remodeling Guide ," we take you through the best ways to choose a bath, shower, and other wet ... [Read More]

Source: realtor.com

- Often, when buyers are searching for a deal, they gravitate toward the idea of purchasing a foreclosure. However, while these homes often look like a steal at first glance, they also come with a lot of red tape. If you've been thinking of buying a foreclosure, read this first. I've laid out the things you need to know before taking the plunge. There are two ways to buy a buy a foreclosure. There are two separate that you can go about buying a foreclosure. They are as follows: Auction Typically, when a bank first forecloses on a property, it is put up for a "public foreclosure auction," where ... [Read More]

Source: forbes.com

- Selling your house is not as simple as just putting it on the market and waiting for offers from eager buyers to roll in. ( Ah , if only...) If you have any hope that your sale will go smoothly, you'll have to sit down, take a hard look at your house, and ask yourself a few questions. Though some steps of the home-selling process seem fairly straightforward—find a real estate agent , set a list price, hold a few open houses—there are a number of lesser-known factors that play a big role in whether your house gets sold, and how much you're going to fetch for it. To help you enter the ... [Read More]

Source: realtor.com

- Everything you need to know about buying a home — on one index card. A home is often the biggest financial investment you’ll make in your lifetime. In fact, a recent Zillow analysis reports that the typical American homeowner has 40% of their wealth tied up in their home. Several years ago, I wrote a complete guide to financial planning on one index card, which went viral and later became a book: “ The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated ” (co-written with Helaine Olen). Now, following up on my original index card, I’ve written a guide on buying a ... [Read More]

Source: zillow.com

- I have more than 10 years of experience working with homeowners on their renovations, but I’ve also spent the past 20 years renovating my own properties. Having stood on both sides of this always-stressful process, I’ve learned quite a bit about what to do — and what not to do. These are my top 10 tips and suggestions for homeowners about to embark on a major renovation. 1. Assemble a Good Team Don’t jump to hire the least expensive designer, architect or builder unless they also come highly rated, well-regarded and positively reviewed. Have a thorough chat with their past clients to ... [Read More]

Source: houzz.com

- Congrats! You’re ready to buy your first home. Before you begin your search, there are some financial basics you need to know so you’re not hit by some serious curveballs. Since we want you to find your forever home without any hiccups, we’ve rounded up eight things a first-time buyer should have on their radar. Got your pen and paper handy? You Need to Be *Really* Prepared Buying a home ( especially your first one) can be overwhelming, so before you even begin the process of looking, you’ll want to get all your ducks in a row. Start by meeting with an expert financial advisor, like ... [Read More]

Source: purewow.com

- Second homes give people the chance to live another lifestyle, in another part of the country — or even outside the U.S. For some, it’s appealing enough to get another mortgage or invest a substantial amount of savings to buy one. If you’re pining for a home away from home, you’re not alone. There were 7.4 million second homes in 2016, or about 5.6 percent of the total housing stock, according to a  report from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The most popular place for a second home is Florida (1.1 million). California, New York, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina, ... [Read More]

Source: bankrate.com

- With all of the different types of drywall anchors facing you in the hardware store, DIYers may be tempted to throw up their hands and walk away. These handy items help us hang everything from picture frames to small appliances, but picking the right type can be confusing. Still, if your home's walls are made of  drywall (also known as Sheetrock, plasterboard, or wallboard), you can't just grab a hammer and nails and hope it'll all work out OK. You'll need heavy-duty wall anchors to hold your new mirror or artwork securely in place on your wall material. Here's how to find the right drywall ... [Read More]

Source: realtor.com

- H ome makeover shows make it seem like renovations happen overnight. Adobe Stock Binge-watching home improvement TV shows can leave you with the impression that buying a fixer-upper is always a great opportunity to buy a home below market value and turn it into a dream dwelling. While that might turn out to be true, it only tells half the story. Renovating a fixer-upper is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience, sweat equity and deep pockets. Thanks to a limited inventory of affordable entry-level homes and the aging of  America’s housing stock ,  a growing number of home buyers ... [Read More]

Source: forbes.com

- Wealthier states are home to the largest mortgages It’s no surprise that the wealthiest states are home to some of the largest houses, but a recent study by USA Today revealed that homeowners there are carrying the largest amount of mortgage debt. Using data from Experian ’s 2017 State of Credit Report and the Census Bureau , USA Today recently ranked states by mortgage debt. The state with the least amount of debt? West Virginia, where only 46% of homeowners had a mortgage and the average debt totaled $114,583. Mississippi and Indiana came in second and third, respectively. Here are the ... [Read More]